Company history

VP Autoparts today...

VP Autoparts (formerly Veteranprodukter) supplies quality maintenance and restoration parts for classic cars, mainly for 1947-1993 Volvos (models 444 through 240).

We are a total staff of 24 today, running three warehouses in Sweden and one in USA.

2011 was our 25th anniversary. Hard to believe it's been a quarter of a century!

We're no longer strictly a mail order organization, but offer a little bit of technical/mechanical support, have our own production of interiors as well as other components. We attend all major swap meets and gatherings that are within geographic reach.

Our inventory contains more than 20,000 different items today, and we have a total of 17,000 customers residing in 64 countries.

... and yesterday 


VP Autoparts in founded, as a proprietorship called LJ Veteranproduktion. The first products to be made and sold were 444 rubber seals. Lennart Johansson ran the operation part time, initially out of his own home, and later on with a 40 foot cargo container as head quarters.

The company is restructured and becomes Veteranprodukter AB, a cooperation with one full-time employee, Karl-Erik Johansson. The business moves in to the family's agricultural facility, which has been rebuilt to serve as warehouse.


Lennart Johansson joins brother Karl-Erik and becomes the second full time employee.


More personell is hired. Door panel and headliner production is starting. The productions department will later grow to include both upholstery and carpets.


A 1350 m2 (roughly 15,000 sq.ft) industrial property in Fristad is purchased, and the operation is moved to its current location. This new facility offers required space for the even increasing inventory, as well as the production shop.


A branch is opened in Charleston, SC, USA. The standalone company is called VP Autoparts, and is operated by staff transferred from Sweden.

All sales to the US, Canada and South America is handled from here. The stock area is about 400m2 and there are appr. 3000 - 5000 articles available.

The company name Veteranprodukter AB changes to current VP Autoparts AB.


A 200 m2 (2000 sq.ft) outlet opens in Sollentuna, just outside of Stockholm, to offer better and quicker service to customers in and around the capital.

A paint line is added to our inventory, and paint is offered in spray cans as well as liter tins.

Spare parts for 1965-1973 Ford Mustangs are introduced, and with it comes a selection of parts for other american cars as well.


An additional facility is aqcuired, in Tämta 10 kilometers from Fristad, to serve as distribution center and main warehouse for Ford Mustang items.

A national network, TV8, broadcasts a series on a Volvo P1800. We're sponsoring with a complete interior, among other things, and get to feature in an episode.