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Chevrolet Camaro was launched in September 1966 as GM's answer to Ford's Mustang sales success. The first generation was produced between 1967 and 1969 were both hardtop and convertible.

The car was available with a variety of equipment packages - the most famous was the Camaro Z28. Another high-performance version was the Camaro SS (Super Sport). RS package (Rally Sport) was more of a "conversion kits" that could be combined with the Z28 as well as the SS.

On the engine side were both straight sixes and V8 engines to choose from. The first two model years had an engine of 396 cubic inches as the main option, but in 1969 you could get an engine of 427 cubic inches. On this model year, you could also get wheel disc brakes as an option.

Throughout the production Camaro shared both body and many technical solutions with its sister model, the Pontiac Firebird. Therefore you can find parts for these two models with us in a group.

Pontiac Firebird were both coupé- and convertible versions, and competed in the luxurious part of the muscle car class with cars Mercury Cougar and the Dodge Challenger. Pontiac had long time sketched on a completely different model, but GM's management forced Pontiac to start from the sister model of the Chevrolet Camaro. Engine choices were many when the car was launched. From straight sixes up to 400 cubic inch V8.

The buyer could choose between manual or automatic transmission. 1969 came the first Trans Am model, but it was built only 697 pieces, of which 8 were convertibles. All were white with blue stripes. (Source Wikipedia)