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In 1959 Ford responded to the growing need of small car models, that are more economical and that many american families could benefit from as a second car. The compact model was the solution and Ford Falcon got introduced at first in the US and Canada, later produced also in Argentina and Chile.

The new compact model was a success, and not just in the US market, but also in Europe.
Proven technology combined with slightly downscaled design made Ford Falcon a top seller.

Ford Falcon

If you compare a Ford Falcon with a Volvo Amazon, you see that there were no huge differences in either dimension or weight.

Ford Falcon: 4,59 m long, 1,78 m wide and 1,38 m high, weight 1170 kg, weight/hp 10,7 kg
Volvo Amazon: 4,45 m long, 1,62 m wide and 1,40 m high, weight 1100 kg, weight/hp (with B18) 12,9 kg

Some trivia: Did you know that still today there are cars produced in Australia under the name "Falcon"?

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