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A patch panel, is it always the most economical way to go?

We at VP Autoparts work hard to up bring new spare parts which will give the best result when restoring a classic car. To reach the best result you'd like to have as big metal surface as possible without seams if you can. In order to help you out we at VP have made whole sheet metal parts which will replace the original parts where you won’t have to cut and patch part of rear fenders and wheel arches for example. Naturally this is especially important on exterior body parts.

For the P1800 as well the Amazon we have made full rear fenders, and for the later we also have made wheel houses. If you compare the cost of changing two patch panels on a P1800 rear fender with changing the complete fender you'll have a difference of 2000 SEK roughly.

If you swapping out the fender instead of fixing the old one you won’t have to deal with a long welding seam and lacquers/welders will not have to spend time on filling, grinding etc. You will also limit the risk of future paint issues and last but not least; if you decide to sell the car a potential new buyer will most certainly appreciate a clean and straight inside fender. A seam there will tell tales of a previous repair. 

If you are not doing the job yourself you can ask the one who is doing it what the final price will be with a new fender in comparison to patching the old one.

Below you can see a quarter panel for a P1800, art. 664279/664280 (1963-69) / 682231/682232 (1970-73), developed and newly produced by us in brand new stamping tools. On the market there has already been handmade repair plates that cover the dashed red portion of the quarter panel.

Volvo P1800 body parts

We offer repair plates that cover a larger section of the quarter panel (marked green in the picture). Hence you don't need to order the repair sheet metal for the wheel arch, since our new plates are covering this area.