Shock absorber and Coil spring

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   Coil spring PV/Duett front     87935  Coil spring PV/Duett front   575.00   SEK   Pc   2  Buy In stock
   Lowering spring PV/Duett front linear     87935LLF  Lowering spring PV/Duett front linear   595.00   SEK   Pc   2  Buy In stock
   Shock absorber PV/Duett Front     276440  Shock absorber PV/Duett Front   295.00   SEK   Pc   2  Buy In stock
   Shock absorber PV/Duett front Bilstein     3-6019  Shock absorber PV/Duett front Bilstein   1,395.00   SEK   Pc   2  Buy Limited stock
   Bushing Shock absorber PV/Duett Polyurethane     89567PU  Bushing Shock absorber PV/Duett Polyurethane   13.00   SEK   Pc   8  Buy Temporarily out of stock.
   Shock absorber bolt lower     89569  Shock absorber bolt lower   170.00   SEK   Pc   2  Buy In stock
   Shock absorber bolt upper     89568  Shock absorber bolt upper   185.00   SEK   Pc   2  Buy Kit - usually in stock
   Nut for bult 89568+89569     955818  Nut for bult 89568+89569   21.00   SEK   Pc   4  Buy In stock
   Washer     960145  Washer   15.00   SEK   Pc   4  Buy In stock
   Nut UNF 3/8     951201  Nut UNF 3/8   10.00   SEK   Pc   6  Buy In stock