Product development

Spare parts are made exclusively for us, or by us. We have developed a wide range of rubber products, such as weather strips, floor mats and bushings. We also punch our own line of gaskets, in various materials. 

All our standard exhaust systems are available stainless. We also carry a 2" sport system line, and for Amazon and PV the lineup is completed with flat muffler 2" systems, Abarth / Stebro 60's style.

Other metal parts we carry include patch panels, hub caps and trims.

We're the sole supplier for PV/Duett bumpers.

The same goes for our interiors. We're the only producer of complete upholstery kits for the PV, Duett, Amazon and P1800 series.

All upholstery has correct patterns and materials, custom made for each interior. Door panels come with welded seems and trim, like they originally did.

Interior production for Volvo PV, Duett, Amazon and P1800 

Among all our product contributions our biggest pride is the development of upholstery.  

We manufacture it all in-house at our main facility in Fristad, as close to the original appearance as possible in regards to materials, fabrics, vinyls, patterns and trims.

We produce carpets, door panels, seat upholstery and headlinings.

Click here for listings of combinations we produce, and a separate sheet showing available NOS pieces for models 140 and 240. 

We've developed the products ourselves.

Seat upholstery is fitted on original seat frames to guarantee a perfect fit. Our efficient production policy allows us to keep pricing level with what a local upholstery shop would charge for making a custom interior. The difference is that we offer exact replicas in every aspect.


We installed a paint service station in 2009, to finally be able to provide spray cans of Volvo and Ford original paint. Here's where you find all paints currently available, as well as a little bit of information.

Missing a paint? Please let us know.

Renovation of Volvo carburetors

Now we can renovate your old Volvo carburetor, all we need is your carburetor and a few weeks of time and you will get your carburetor back "as good as new". Read all about it  here.