Payment methods

We accept the following payment methods: 

* Cash On Delivery (only in Sweden)

* Net terms (only for companies with established credit terms)

* Advance

* Debit / credit card

When colleting preordered items at a swap meet, we encourage credit card payment to avoid unnecessary cash handling. You can also make a bank draft in advance.

For detailed information please see also our  Payment instructions.

Cash On Delivery

When ordering online, the default setting is Cash On Delivery. When submitting your order you will be asked to chose payment method. If left blank, it defaults to COD.


We offer all businesses net terms, once a credit check comes back approved. Payments should be on our account no later than the due date printed on the invoice! A 50 SEK service fee applies to late payments where a reminder is sent out.

Debit / credit card

We accept VISA and MasterCard (not Elektron cards). You can provide your card details via telephone (for phone, fax and email orders). When ordering in our webshop, an SSL certified page means your details are secure and safe to submit.

We need the 16-digit card number and expirate month / year in a 2-digit format (mm/yy).


To make a bank draft / wire transfer you need a valid email address for starters, and this should be provided at the time of the order.

Once agreed that the order is complete, we will print the order and get it ready for shipping. Once all shipment is packed, weighed and labeled a final invoice will be emailed to the buyer. The order is dispatched upon payment reception.

A 150 SEK service fee applies to any changes made to a pending order after customer approval.

If an invoice remains unpaid 10 days after being emailed, we will resend it. If it's still not paid another 10 days later it will be unpacked. The customer will be charged a service fee when submitting another order.

We charge 100 SEK for incorrect payments.