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The 900 series was introduced in fall 1990 as a further development of the 700 series and resolved the production of those in late summer of 1992 completely.

The 960s were largely identical with the 940er models, however, had a higher quality equipment and were always provided with the strongest engines available (2.3l turbo petrol and 2.4l turbo diesel).

In addition the 960 sedans were equipped with the sophisticated multi-link rear axle multilink I, which had already been used in the station wagons of the Volvo 760.

In total, around 670,000 units of the 900 series were built, including about 390,000 hatchbacks and nearly 280,000 station wagons. When production of the 900 series was discontinued in the spring of 1998, it ended also the end of the rear-wheel drive at Volvo.