The paint service station introduced in 2009 enables us to offer paint spray cans, for various paint systems. This, a collaboration with Dupont offers, an option to Volvo's and Ford's orginal paints. 

Our paint (not water based) is available in a two-component system for large areas where spray gun application is requried , as well as one-component spray cans for touch-ups. A sheet with mixing info and other technical data is available. 

All paint identification is done using your vehicle original paint code, which is to be found on the id plate in the engine bay. Knowing make and model always helps too, of course. 

In addition to body paint, we carry Volvo's green and red engine paints, and light blue, dark blue and black engine paints for Ford. The range is completed with black chassis paint and a silver wheel enamel. 

All paints can be ordered in liter cans or 400 ml (about 13 oz.) spray cans.

        Click here for a list of all Volvo paints we can blend, for all other lacquers please contact us with your paint code.



Mikael Andersson at the lacquer mix station


Good to know

Never put a two-component product on top of a one-component paint as it will dissolve. Doing the opposite is no problem, a one-component touch up on top of a two-component surface work just fine. 

Keep in mind that some paints are top paints while others are base paints. A top paint will be the last coat of paint added, containing a sealant which seals whatever lies underneath. A base paint will need a coat of sealant.

Two spray cans will be enough to paint an entire engine.