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Welcome to VP Autoparts!

Your No.1 dealer of car parts for vintage Volvo and USA-cars

 Order with VP Autoparts - Your No 1 dealer for high quality car parts for classic Volvo 1947-1993.

We provide parts for the following classics:

 Volvo PV 444 - 544
Volvo Duett 445 - 210
Volvo Amazon 120 - 130 - 220

Volvo P1800  S - E - ES
Volvo 140 / Volvo 164
Volvo 240 / Volvo 260
and other Volvo-models

1964 - 73 Ford Mustang
1955 - 70 General Motors
1960's & 1970's Mopar

With more than 30 years of experience in restoring classic Volvos we know what you are talking about! Since '86 we manufacture new parts no longer available from Volvo. By shopping from us you are making a good deed too and your purchase is reinvested in new productions in order to preserve the classic cars. We are the only ones in the world, to our knowledge, manufacturing interiors for most of the classic Volvos. We have the biggest inventory. Add generous hours, a pleasant support and we are always striving to give a little extra. Why settle with less?

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